kyuem a-level student, dabbles in web design and coding, has a strong desire to learn and is determined to provide value to others along the way.

About Me

Welcome! 👋

Hi there. My name is Jia Shing. I'm currently doing my A-Levels in KYUEM under the Khazanah Global Scholarship Program and is the incumbent Secretary of the Student Council.
I am an ardent fan of sitcoms and the compiled works of Dan Brown. I am also immensely passionate about anything that is related to productivity, organization and paperwork. There is this incredible sense of gratification I get when I see small components coming together and fitting beautifully into a system that serves the big picture. I also enjoy reading (fiction and non-fiction alike). Visit my Goodreads profile here to see my latest reads.
Recently, I have been diving into web design and coding as well to diversify my portfolio and to widen my horizon.
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If you have any enquiries or you wish to get in touch, don't hesitate do drop me a text or fire an email my way! Feel free to call me but please understand that in my efforts to be a self-professed productivity guru, my phone is currently on Do Not Disturb mode 24/7. Hence, the chance of me picking up a call is pretty minimal, but hey, there's no harm trying! Alternatively, send me a DM on my Instagram for a faster reply. Looking forward to hear from you soon!